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    In the recent 40 years, we have mainly achieved the following four things.

    Firstly, Erdos started from a cashmere sweater factory and has become the top player of cashmere in the world with the world's largest production scale, the most complete industrial system, the prominent brand advantage and strong economic strength. It changed the pattern of the world cashmere processing industry, rewrote the history of China s cashmere industry, and laid its leading position in the cashmere industry.

    Next, with the development of the company, Erdos brand grew to China's leading position. It was founded in a small place from a small industry. Especially, the fact that a city is named after Erdos further enhances the social influence of the Erdos brand.

    Then, with its own 10-year sustained efforts, it successfully created a unique economic cycle heavy chemical industrial park in the barren land of Qi Pan Jing. It won another first place in the world in the field of ferroalloy and the first pilot national enterprise.

    Finally, energy and chemical projects, as the new industrial business units of the Group’s sustainable development strategy, are being strongly promoted, which made an excellent strategic layout for the Group‘s future long term development. It laid a solid foundation for the future development.

    We choose Erdos Group with no regret. We are proud of Erdos Group in our whole life.

    In the future, we have more and greater things to do, and there is still a long way to go. We, all Erdos family members, are willing to make a joint effort and contribute to the better world of the country.